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Folding chairs - Lightweight and space saving

Folding Tables UK - FTUK also stock folding chairs, and one on the main benefits of these types of chairs is that they can be folded flat and stored on a trolley or stacked in a storage room for ease of use.  The entire range is priced very reasonably and is available with a plastic shell and a steel frame, all of our models have a choice of frame and shell colour.  These can be used both indoors and outdoors, making them a very versatile chair that can be used at any event.Our customers buy these for a wide variety of uses, looking at our metal chair and metal folding chairs these can be used both indoors and outdoors and offer a weatherproof frame and come in an assortment of designs.  These can be used in a variety of settings which include in a garden setting as a garden chair or in the home as a dining chair and can even be used as a camping chair when camping or caravanning or when out in a tent in the garden.  Looking at the different designs we offer there are options that offer seat pads and accessory parts that will make your foldup seating look and function even better.   We also have several options you can add to the furniture such as chair covers and sashes that allow you to use the same unit in more than one situation.  Our chairs can be used with dining tables or in the kitchen or as a chair garden accessory for outdoor events barbeques and camping.  You can compare our chairs to cheaper alternatives and you will see our quality will be running rings around the competition.  As an added feature many of our customers store these chairs in travel bags because they fold away and store and they can take them with them when they are out and about.

Have a look at the different models we offer and find a colour that you like or that matches the existing theme at your venue.  Outdoor weddings, garden parties and lawn function tend to choose these chairs because of the ability to use these outdoors and they also like that the price is suited to fit pretty much any budget.  We have a large selection of images in our gallery showcasing all of our event furniture.  Have a look and see what amazing event creations you can make using our event furniture.  We are based in Hitchin and we deliver to the entire UK nation wide, we offer next day delivery on all of our products and free pickup from our warehouse.  If you are a business and have your own vans you can also collect your folding furniture directly from our warehouse in Hitchin.  If you need any help, as always please contact one of our sales team and we will help you with any questions regarding our event furniture. FTUK United Kingdom Hitchin.