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8ft trestle table available in plastic and plywood

8ft Foldable Table

Our 8ft folding table is part of our plastic and wooden trestle table range here at FTUK and is one the largest in stock tables available in the event industry today.  They come ready to use straight out of the box.  There is no assembly required and you can use our tables straight out of the box.  All of these 8ft tables are in stock and will ship the same day when choosing the next day delivery option.  

Our plastic range is available in both a centre fold and a single piece top while the wooden table tops come in a single piece exterior grade top making them super heavy duty.  Both can be stacked as the table legs fold into the table top which allows for easy storage and makes the furniture portable as to assist when setting up an event or moving to another function.  All of our fold up tables are suitable for venues ranging from church halls, schools, social clubs, village halls and more.

If you have any questions please contact one of our team who will be sure to assist you in deciding on what is best suited for your needs and help with any information you may need regarding sizes or dimensions of 8ft tables or other our event furniture.