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3ft folding tables, wooden and plastic table tops

3ft Folding Trestle Table

The 3ft folding trestle is one of the smaller table sizes here at FTUK, we have a large selection of tables in a variety of sizes available. When comparing tables many of our customer buy different sizes and connect them together to create shapes and sizes that are either too large if they were to be in one piece or for a geometrical shape that is not very common but useful in their event setting.  Our event tables are all heavy duty and built for use in the contract market, we are primarily wholesalers but also sell to the general public.  Have a look at all of the different shapes and sizes available on our site.The plastic folding tables and the wooden trestle tables are available in these sizes and the choice of which one is better suited to your needs is really up to you.  Our team can answer any questions and help you decide on which of the models we offer will be better suited to your needs.  All of our sales team are event furniture specialists and have been in the industry for years, we will happily help and advise on any questions you many have regarding event furniture or the catering (banqueting industry.