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Banqueting Tables for your wedding and events

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A selection of plastic and wood banquet tables perfect for your next banqueting or catering event. These trestles are built for contract use and are used by wedding halls and catering halls. We have both wooden and plastic banquet furniture that can be used for celebrations and events that will be serving food or drinks. The large selection we offer here at Folding Tables UK includes square, round and rectangular fold up banqueting tables that can suit a large variety of functions. Our banqueting tables are perfect for your next wedding reception or event celebration When your next events requires event furniture built to last then please have a look at our selection, built for the event industry, marquee companies, hotels and event planners choose our wood banquet trestles because of the quality. We offer the thickest table top in the industry and true PVC edging that will have your furniture stand up to daily use.

What banqueting table shape to choose?As you’re planning what your reception is going to look like, you will inevitably get to the part where you have to think about seating arrangements. This is one of the most tricky aspects of planning since you have to start thinking about where you are going to place each person and how the conversation is going to flow. The banqueting table shape does make a difference both in promoting conversation and in making sure that people are able to move around in the room easily.

The first thing that you need to think about is what your venue actually looks like. Is it long and narrow? Is it wide and irregularly shaped? Is it big? Is it small? All of this matters when you’re thinking about what type of tables you will use.  Round tables are often good choices for venues with a more irregular shape since people are able to walk around and pass through them. They are also great for promoting conversation since you can seat 8-10 people at a table, and they’re all able to see and hear each other. As for your centrepieces, round tables generally only require one centrepiece in the middle of the table, while longer banqueting tables will often need at least two to balance out the table. Rectangular banquet tables are better for venues that are long, narrow, and evenly shaped. This shape fits into the room much better and is very aesthetically pleasing. However, these tables present some issues as far as conversation is concerned. Rectangular banquet tables are generally much longer than round tables, which can make it difficult for people at opposite ends and at the heads of the tables to engage in conversation. If you do end up choosing this style table, you will want to make sure to pay attention to the small groups that will be created within the table.

Wooden or Plastic Folding Banquet Tables?No matter what size and shape table you decide that you need, you will also have to make a decision between choosing wooden banquet tables or plastic banquet tables. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, so we’ll present them to you and allow you to make the final decision.  If you decide to go with a plastic folding banqueting table, you’re going to get something that’s very lightweight and easy to move. This makes your set-up and teardown much easier and more efficient. You also don’t have any risk of splinters, and they are very easy to clean when you’re finished using them.  If you decide to go with a wooden folding banqueting table, you’re going to get a table that feels and looks much more sturdy. When your guests put their hands on the table, they’ll be able to feel that it’s nice and solid. The downfall to these tables is that they are much heavier than their plastic counterparts, so moving them in and out of the venue can be more difficult and time consuming.If you are looking to purchase bulk orders of our banqueting tables please visit our wholesale page.