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Restaurant and hotel furniture for the hospitality industry

Our wide selection of tables available for restaurants, hotels and the hospitality industry are used all over the UK today.  We specialise in delivering high quality heavy duty furniture that can be used in a setting that is both formal or informal.  We offer a variety of shapes which include round, square and rectangular and sizes that start from 2ft and go all the way up to 8ft.  Many of our customers in hospitality use smaller tables that give their dining guests an intimate setting and allows for them to converse without being to far from each other.  Many restaurants here in the UK use the smaller tables for special events like Valentines Day.

Please give us a ring and we will be happy to answer any of your questions and even help you decide on which one of our restaurant tables will best fit your needs.  Our team are industry specialists with years of experience and we will be happy to share and information that will be helpful with your purchase.  Folding Tables UK - FTUK is the UK's leading supplier of event furniture in the hospitality and event industry.