Stacking Chair Trolley Cheltenham, Chiavari and Crossback Chairs

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When manoeuvring chairs around, it can be difficult and time consuming moving each one individually. Not only that, but the weight of moving stacked chairs could cause damage to your back and the chair legs could scratch the floor. That is why it is recommended that you use a Stacking Chair Trolley.

These wooden banqueting chair trolleys are designed to take the effort out of moving chair stacks and allow you to move up to 8 chairs at once. While this may seem impossible, the design of the trolley allows it to take the majority of the weight.

The chairs stack neatly on top of each other and the trolley platform goes underneath the seat of the wooden chair. This is a more robust way to move the chairs than the traditional sack barrow style where the legs sit on the base of the trolley. With our wooden Cheltenham and Chiavari banqueting chair trolley the platform base grips the chair underneath the seat of the chair. The entire stack can then be moved and set down wherever they are needed. This particular trolley is designed for the Wooden Cheltenham and Chiavari Chairs.

For convenience, there is a next-day delivery option. Please note that this trolley is designed for use on flat surfaces and the lifting restriction is recommended at 8 chairs.